BHeart is the world’s first self-charging health tracker wearable that harvests energy from body heat and environmental light so it never runs out of battery.


BBalance, a smart bath mat containing invisible technology powered by Footprint ID (patent pending), reinvents users’ relationships with their bodies through daily, stress-free health metric tracking and personal coaching recommendations.

BMirror by CareOS

BMirror by CareOS is a smart mirror that blends perfectly into any bathroom thanks to its customizable shape and size to help users upgrade their daily routines with daily health tracking

Kolibree toothbrush

Kolibree’s patented smart toothbrush tracks the quality and duration of users’ tooth brushing sessions to recommend personalized improvements and improve their oral health

BConnect Hub

BConnect allows compatible products to seamlessly communicate and store data with a shared cloud so users can view all of their personal health data in a single app


BCool is the first battery-free connected thermometer that harvests energy from motion to record users’ temperatures anywhere and anytime.